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It was stated that the industrial sector should be led by integrated monitoring and support


The Standing Committee on Budget Industry Trade and Investment Affairs of Dredawa Management Council has reviewed the overall performance level of the Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Cluster Corporation for the year 2016.

The permanent committee during its stay in the field, the Goro managed by the corporation; He monitored and evaluated the market centers of Ghende Geberi and Khat, and discussed with the corporation's management members and executives about the general gaps and strengths seen in the field observation.


In the discussion, as a whole, in terms of performance in the sector, there are many gaps that need to be addressed.


It has been stated that there are other problems, including Gende Gebre Shopping Center, Khat Thar Shopping Center and Goro Shopping Center, illegal constructions without building design and permission, as well as using the centers outside of their intended purpose. As you can see, it has been pointed out that there are significant defects in the field observation.


The Standing Committee looked at the performance level of the small and medium manufacturing industry production and sales center being built in three phases at Dredawa Industrial Village and assessed that there is no gap in running the construction in a coordinated manner.


Financial performance of projects; Issues related to the incentive payment as well as the organization of the office and the refinement and supply of human resources are the points that were discussed extensively by the standing committee in its discussion with the management members and officers of the corporation.


The head of the corporation, Sheikh Usman Ahmed, said that the standing committee is constantly monitoring the performance of the sector down to the bottom, identifying the gaps and responding quickly.

On the other hand, the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Budget, Industry, Trade and Investment of the Dredawa Council, Mrs. Ainalem Tezera, stated that one of the functions and responsibilities of the council is to monitor and support activities, especially project implementations. They indicated that there is someone who has helped to enable them to give.


Mrs. Ainalem pointed out that the Standing Committee will continue to strengthen such activities to fulfill its public responsibility.


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