Helina Drama Part 3


Helina Drama Part 3


It is said that there is a language that only one person can speak in style in Ethiopia


#Ethiopia It is said that the language that only one person speaks correctly is Angota, the language of the Braille community.


We have heard the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dietta Worknesh Bru, say that there are five people in the Braille community who speak Angota language, but only one person knows the language properly.


It is said that 145 years ago, the number of Braille people was about 8 thousand.


At present, it is said that there are only five people who are natives of the nation and who can speak the language.


It is said that for the first time in Ethiopia, two endangered languages ​​are being studied and researched to save them from extinction.


In addition to Braille, we have heard that the other language that is said to be in danger of extinction is the Bacha language, which is the language of the Bacha ethnic group.


Minister of State for Culture and Sports Worknesh Bru said that efforts are being made to save these languages ​​from extinction with Jinka and Arbamanq Universities.


In Ethiopia, currently 57 languages ​​have a curriculum designed and taught, Minister D'Etawa explained.


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