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"The matter of the priest has nothing to do with the church."


 - Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church


#Ethiopia | Dochevele reports that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has announced that there is nothing to do with the church in which a priest was recently arrested on suspicion of trying to transfer 6 million 50 thousand US dollars.


Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, even though the person serves in a high position in the church; But she declared that there was nothing to connect her church with the allegedly forged document.


Teacher Dr. Akalewold Tesema, Head of the Public Relations Media Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Menbera Patriarch, said, "The church is trying to follow up on the case of senior officers being under the shadow of the law.


The head said, "Through the follow-up so far, we have learned that the cases in which most of the senior officers have been brought under the law have nothing to do with our church and are something they have experienced in their personal lives."


Teacher Dr. Akalewold added, "Is there anything that will harm the church in the future?" They also pointed out that an order has been passed for investigation by the legal department.

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