Hulet Aynet - New Ethiopian movie 2024


Hulet Aynet - New Ethiopian movie 2024.


Commercial Bank is close to becoming a champion


Soccer Ethiopia | Thomas Bogale 


#Ethiopia | In the big game of the week, Ethiopia Commercial Bank extended its lead to five points by defeating Faisal Kaneman 1-0 in Addis Gede.


In the waiting game of the week, Commercial Banks came to the game without changing the line-up they beat Wolaita Dacha 5-0 on the 25th week, while the Emperors, on the other hand, from the line-up that beat Wolkite City 1-0, removed Job Mathias, Abel Dila and Amelbarhan Yagya, and brought in Manaf Awol, Jabir Mulu and Afkerote Solomon.


At 09:00, the game started under the leadership of Federal Judge Henok Abebe. In the first half of the game, both teams chose to play cautiously. The best scoring opportunity was created in the 16th minute by commercial banks. Kitika Jimma, who found a free ball from the left side of the line by Ephraim Tamrat, headed it into the goal. The left vertical side is out.


In the game decided in the middle of the field, when both teams had difficulty in creating clear scoring opportunities, there were no notable movements except for Fasilu Getaneh Kebede's powerless attempt near the box in the 40th minute and Fouad Fareja's corner kick from outside the box in the 41st minute.


After the break, both teams tried to improve their activities by making substitutions, but apart from the occasional attacking transitions and the competition for ball control, the box area was very weak for long minutes.


In the final minutes of the game, which was getting a bit more tense, in the 81st minute, Gatok Panom was sent off with a second yellow card for a foul on Suleiman Hamid.


 In the remaining minutes, the Fasils tried to find an equalizing goal, but they failed, and the game ended with a 1-0 victory for CBE. Following the result, Commercial Bank has started to lead the league with a difference of 5 points with four games remaining.


In the comments made after the game, the coach of the commercial bank said that despite the victory, it was a game in which they were down in terms of activity and they were not happy, saying that there are many things that need to be fixed. 


Fasil Kenemau's coach, Ubutu Abate, pointed out that Gatok Panom's second yellow card was not right, and the enthusiasm of the field and the game was the reason why they replaced Jabir Mulu and said that Commercial Bank is close to the cup.

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