Outer Banks Season 1 Episode 1 in Amharic


Outer Banks Season 1 Episode 1 in Amharic.


Ethiopian Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police leaders advised on peace and security



Ethiopian Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police senior leaders discussed peace and security with stakeholders.


Deputy Commissioner General Melaku Fata, Commander of the Crime Prevention Department of the Federal Police of Ethiopia, explained that Addis Ababa city is the center of many events, the capital of Africa and the home of many diplomats.


Therefore, he said that the role of all stakeholders is high to maintain the peace of Addis Ababa city.


He pointed out that the strengthening and organization of private security agencies is helpful in keeping the peace and stability of the city apart from protecting public and government property.


However, some security agencies say they are creating security problems due to lack of recruitment, training, deployment and monitoring.


Addis Ababa Police Commissioner Getu Argau explained that during the recruitment of private security institutions in the city of Addis Ababa, security problems have arisen due to the fact that they did not properly verify the identity of the employees and hired them with fake documents.


According to the Federal Police data, banks, private institutions, business centers and individual properties are being robbed by their hired security guards.


In the discussion forum, a research discussion document that explores the crimes observed in Addis Ababa city and indicates the crime trends was presented and discussed.


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