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ETHIOPIA is one of the fastest growing economies IN Africa where its annual growth is IN double figure for the last TEN years. As the economy grows it is normal that other aspects of the business keeps rising.

One of the areas which is showing fast growth is the hotel industry. There Are relatively lower number of hotels IN the country. Those which Are already IN service lacks most of the much needed standards.

Today we Are bringing You the TOP TEN HOTELS that Are available IN the heart of the contry capital city, Addis Ababa.

Mind that the list is based on users experience on service quality and basic hotel infrastructure.

Number 10: Jupiter Hotel

Jupiter hotel is one of the oldest HOTELS IN the city. It has two branches. One located near the Bole international airport and the other around Economic Commossion for Africa specifically at Kazanchis area near the 6th police station.

The service IN this hotel is quite awesome As You can get free wifi, wide rooms, well ventilation, cultural and western meals As per your choice, and a clean environment monitored by CCTV.

It is also one of the nearest hotel to the airlines to reserve if you plan a flight soon.

Number 9:Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa

Hilton hotel is built during Haile Sillasie I regime. The majesty built it so that it can accommodate visitors from abroad. Almost All official visitors used to rest IN this hotel.

The hotel is just few meters away from the palace. So it is suitable for official visitors.

Hilton have a very big compound having many leisure activity tools and platform. There is a swimming pool, tennis field, bicycle riding lane, small zoo, and beautiful view.

If You Are to stay at this hotel You can be sure that You Are IN to a very wonderful experience.

Number 8:Hyatt Regency

This hotel is relatively new and built near the grand Meskel Square where big events IN the city takes place. You can watch a music concert, a sport eveny or government campaign just from your balcony. The hotel is well furnished and satisfies international standards set for hotels.

Most Arabian country visitors to the country like to reserve their stay at this hotel. It os common to get free wifi, swimming pool, delicious western and eastern foods prepared by famous chiefs.

Number 7:Axum Hotel

Axum hotel has two main branches one located at addis ababa around 22 round about and the other located at Mekelle capital city of Tigray regional state.

The hotel is relatively quite and gives You freedom to get open air with relatively low noise from the surrounding.

This hotel was busy during the EPRDF regime led by TPLF. Many claimed that the hotel is owned by the old guards of the front.

The price of the hotel of its standard is relatively cheaper. We invite new arrivals to give a try to this hotel and enjoy discounts while having All they need IN place.

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