Sibrat episode 3 - Kana Television Drama


Sibrat episode 3 - Kana Television Drama.

Do you know that it is the duty of the residents to clean and develop the area up to 20 meters from the house?



The Cleanliness Management Agency of Addis Ababa city administration has stated that many development works are being done in Addis Ababa for 90 days and 60 days.


Although the residents of China Gbi Block 5 of Ka sub-city district were not comfortable to live in; By talking to the local residents, they were able to make their neighborhood beautiful and attractive.


Local resident and committee member Mr. Asamnew Yilma told ABC Cyber; They say that there has been no drainage and no green development in their area for years.


Ato Asamnew, who remembers that residents were in trouble because of this; They describe the ability to develop the area by coordinating the community.


Mrs. Helen Temesgen, another resident of the area; They said that garbage will be removed twice a week and that the area will be cleaned by placing a garbage bin so that there is no problem of garbage disposal.


Mrs. Helen says that self-motivation is enough to develop and make the living area attractive. "With the work we have done, we have created a comfortable place for children to play and live," he said.


The cleanliness of the environment is not only convenient for living; It is said that it has become a preferred location for the filming of several works of art.


The Cleanliness Management Agency of the Addis Ababa City Government says that community-driven environmental beautification works are appropriate. He stated that there are jobs that can be done in 90 and 60 days in the city.


According to the rules of the city, every resident of the city is obliged to clean and develop an area up to 20 meters wide from the house.


Although green development works are being done in Rakata areas of the city; Bole, Colfe Calanio and Ca sub-towns are the areas where the best work has been done, he said.


Mr. Asamnu Yilma and Mrs. Helen Temeseng said that the same development was carried out in more than 42 blocks in different sub-cities.


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