This man tells a story after rescued by Sailors!


Ethiopian man who was rescued by Italy sailors!

A multidisciplinary graduate student of Jimma University


#Ethiopia Among the students who graduated from Jimma University on April 05/2016 is Dr. Zabeh Berhanu, a multi-faceted graduate.


Apart from his regular studies, the student who loves literature has gained national recognition by publishing books and writing on television dramas.


Although medical education is time-consuming, the graduate says that it did not affect his education when he wrote four books, including the one he will soon publish, and wrote more than 6 sitcom essays.


A doctorate graduate in dentistry, he has participated as a writer in various television drama series in our country, Mr. It got the name sitcom.


Among the works he participated in as an author, the ninth thousand more than 35 episodes; He participated as a writer and director in the dramas The Office, The Salon, The Doctors, The Whistles. He has produced several television and radio commercials.


Author and medical doctor, Zabeh Berhanu, has prepared and completed a textbook on oral health care for children and parents, and said that the book will soon be ready for publication.


He said that when students leave the university, they should use their time wisely in addition to their studies.

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