Helina Drama Part 5


 Helina Drama Part 5

A message from the actors and producers of the drama of love chains


#Ethiopia "Thanks to the creator, The Chains of Love, the theater was opened yesterday, May 2, 2016, in the world cinema.


I had a great desire and idea for the drama of Love Chains to come to the stage, so I should be the starting point for the work to start, but it involves the participation of many people. Mainly, I would like to thank the actors of Love Chains, whom I respect and love the most, for their contributions. Honor me


Since the beginning, I would like to thank all my friends who supported me with their endless friendship and support when I faced many challenges during the work process ❤ Thank you ????


My friend Menlek Salomon (Mikiye) has been here for the play for a long time. Congratulations my brother ❤????


Dear art lovers and artists, respect our call and perform love chains and theater with honor. Thank you very much for watching and graduating with love


Thank you very much to the world cinema of respect for accepting us with respect and love and allowing us to make the play "Chains of Love" ????


Thank you Afro Grill and Lounge for the honor dinner invitation


Thank you

Wine color


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