Kitat episode 57 - Kana Television Drama


Kitat episode 57 - Kana Television Drama.

Ethio Telecom announced a new service called "Tele Birr Engage".



The new application that the institution has completed is included in the Telebr Super App, which mainly contains marketing, social communication and information exchange in one application.


The CEO of Ethio Telecom, who officially launched the service, said that the new services will not only make digital life easier, but will move the country's digital currency exchange a step forward.


"Tele Birr Engage" allows customers to exchange text, voice, video messages and share photos and videos with each other or in groups, and also allows them to make payments on the site, request payments, share payments and other new services.


In addition, it is said that partners and startups working with Telebir will be able to easily connect with more than 44 million Telebir customers.


It has been stated that "Telebr Engage" which is prepared for customers to use free of charge, cannot be accessed and used by upgrading or (updating) the previous Telebr Super App application.


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