"Sometimes i just need a warm hug" - miss Ethiopia Lula Gezu


"Sometimes i just need a warm hug" - miss Ethiopia Lula Gezu

Lula Gezu is known as miss Ethiopian winner during her tender age. She came through several stages of the modeling industry.

We are very proud that our city Addis Ababa has been selected as a place where other countries can learn from the World School Meal Global Coalition, which was held in Paris, France and where many countries are members.


The encouraging results of primary school students benefiting from the school feeding program, the reduction in the number of students who drop out of school due to lack of food, the job opportunities created by the feeding program for mothers, the program being able to combine with urban agriculture and the establishment of a feeding center and leading the program in a sustainable manner are exemplary work for Addis Ababa. It was raised on the stage that countries should take experience from it. In the next program, we will be strengthening it as part of generation building.


Mayor Adane Abebe

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