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Selamawit Yohannes - Senbide - New Tigrigna music 2024 (Official Video)
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Harar: Voluntary activities

#Ethiopia On the occasion of the 26th International Harar Day celebration, renovating homes of the poor in the region; Blood donation and other support activities are being done.

At the same time, the head of the state, Mr. Ordin Bedri, said; It is a good act of sincerity and kindness done voluntarily without the obligation of anyone.

He added that volunteer work strengthens relationships with each other, fosters empathy and helping each other.

The head of government said that "everyone can do voluntary work within their capacity." He said that one should perform the act of donating blood, which is a manifestation of virtue.

He expressed his gratitude to all those who have supported in the region up to now both inside and outside the country and will continue to participate in good deeds.

He also called on everyone to contribute to the voluntary work which is a manifestation of sincerity.

Mrs. Ramzia Abdulwahab, head of the Regional Women, Children and Youth Bureau, said that on the occasion of the festival, renovation of the old people's home, blood donation and support for the weak are being carried out.

He added that especially in the region this winter, the renovation of 100 houses of the poor has started as part of voluntary service activities.

EZA reported that on that day, the regional head of government Mr. Ordin Bedri, senior officials of the region, members of the cabinet, Ethiopians living abroad and Ethiopians and other guests were present.





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