Mebreq episode 40 - Kana Tv drama


Mebreq episode 40 - Kana Tv drama

The embassy expressed its happiness with Ethiopia's victory in the Mandela Cup African boxing competition


Addis Ababa, April 15, 2016 (FBC) The Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria expressed its happiness over Ethiopia's victory in the Mandela Cup African Boxing Tournament.


Ethiopia won three silver and three bronze medals in the boxing competition held in Durban.


It was said that Ambassador Mukhtar Kedir (Dr.) encouraged all the contestants and delegation leaders to attend the competition.


He expressed that he was happy with the victory, pointing out that the result is a decisive victory, which shows that Ethiopia has great potential if it is done with attention in the sector.


He also expressed his belief that the delegation gained a wide experience through his participation and that it will inspire him for further intensive participation.


As a result of the embassy's call to the Ethiopian diaspora and friends in Durban and the surrounding area to attend the stadium and give their support to our competitors, many members of the diaspora attended the competition.


In this way, they gave their utmost support and for this, the Embassy expressed great gratitude.


Ambassador Mukhtar (Dr.) met the president of the African Boxing Confederation and the South African Minister of Sports, who were present at the finals, and exchanged views on the sport and related common issues.

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